Sophie Deschaintres

Sophie Deschaintres

Departmental Counsellor

Candidate for the 2020 BIOT municipal elections.

20 wishes for 2020 !

1.   ADN Alternative - for the citizens of Biot to have a local administration that is not involved in political power games.


2.   ADN Public Good - An administration for the public interest and not for private ambitions.


3.   ADN Transparency - Clear language, open conversations, ethical actions.


4.   ADN Respect - A healthy election campaign focussed on the interests of the citizens of Biot.


5.   ADN Action - Actions speak louder than speeches filled with beautiful prose.


6.   ADN Confidence - Mutual confidence so that the elected officials and the population can work together for Biot.


7.   ADN Solidarity - For a community that enables a bright future for all of its citizens.


8.   ADN Dedication - For a sincere engagement to truly help Biot and its citizens.


9.   ADN Serenity - For a safe community where each person feels secure.


10.   ADN Sustainability - So that Biot can develop in a way that respects the rights and needs of future generations.


11.   ADN Prosperity - For a local economy that is profitable for all.


12.   ADN Pleasure - To enable our village to express its joie de vivre. 


13.   ADN Project - To propose a realistic and sustainable program for Biot.


14.   ADN Authenticity - An engagement that comes from the heart.


15.   ADN Attentiveness - For a program that listens to the needs of the citizens of Biot.


16.   ADN Proximity - For a strong, concrete relation with all of Biot’s citizens.


17.   ADN Conviction - For a program that rests on the convictions gained through experience.


18.   ADN Teamwork - For the collective engagement of a team dedicated to serve Biot.


19.   ADN Innovation - To invent a new relationship between the citizens and their administration. 


20.   ADN Preservation - For local development that respects the environment and preserves our precious patrimony.


Sophie Deschaintres

Independent Candidate for the 2020 Biot Municipal Elections

In connection with her candidature, announced the 11-Oct-2019, for the 2020 Biot Municipal Elections, Sophie Deschaintres has declared a leave of absence from her political party Les Républicains (LR).  She has done this in order to clarify that she is running as an independent candidate, with no national political label and is working strictly for the good of her village, Biot: 

“Right from the start of my candidature, I voluntarily chose to not ask for the investiture of the LR party for the Biot municipal elections.   I want to be able to independently fight for the interests of the citizens of Biot without having to align myself with the policies of any national political party.  Evidently, as a departmental counsellor with the LR majority of our departmental council, my personal values are and will be on the right side of the political spectrum, but I wish to precise that this is a Right that is humanist and open. 
Much more than the endorsement of a political party, the source of my legitimacy for my campaign is based on :  My roots in Biot, my actions as a departmental counsellor for Biot since almost 5 years and my previous role as an elected official for our commune, and finally, an innovative program elaborated not only with my team but above all with the citizens of Biot. 

I am running for mayor with the goal of acting concretely and sustainably for my village, without any ambitions related to a national political party.  My party is Biot and its inhabitants. 

I believe that, above all, the citizens of Biot want a mayor and city council team that are dedicated to their needs, listening to the people during the campaign but most importantly during their mandate, bringing to fruition clear, coherent and sustainable actions for the well-being of all.  In fact, recently published opinion polls* show that 66% of the voters prefer an independent municipal candidate with a true local program; 77% prefer a program that gives major consideration to the local needs rather than following the policy of a national political party.

For the sake of clarity, addressing rumours of an eventual fusion with any other candidate coming from the Right or the Left, I refuse to entertain any cynical political bargaining.  The citizens of Biot represent a well-educated, responsible population and can make up their own minds without the need for the influence from a national party. 

I am running for mayor to bring to life the innovative and collaborative project of the ADN Biot team. 

The time has come to renew the elected officials of Biot with a team that will work uniquely for the interests of all the citizens.  Partisan political policies have had their day and now is the time for change.  Biot deserves the best!”

*Opinion poll OpinionWay for Cap Collectif, published June 2019.
« Les Français et l’engagement citoyen pour les élections municipales »

Who is Sophie Deschaintres ?

 Sophie Deschaintres, child of the country:

"As a native Biotoise, I spent my childhood in the village of Biot, then studied science* and started my professional career in Paris before returning to live in Biot."


Sophie Deschaintres, daughter, and wife of Biotois shopkeepers:

"Living in the village and its neighbourhoods, I love Biot and its region and have spent as much time as possible there since the beginning of time. My parents had a business in Biot, and my husband is an entrepreneur there. 

I have been involved for a long time in the life of sports associations in Biot, I have had the pleasure of being president of the Tennis Club de Biot, and I practice, among other things, running (half-marathon, marathon), tennis, alpine skiing. I also practice yoga and sophrology."


Sophie Deschaintres, mother of a family:

"I have three children trained for excellence in schools and at the village's Cultural Centre, but also at the Tennis Club Biotois and Centre Nautique d'Antibes, ERA d'Antibes, they studied Science and Arts; the educational potential of an exceptional village that is proving itself here in France and abroad."


Sophie Deschaintres, businesswoman:

"At the CNRS for 20 years, I have been promoting the values of scientific innovation in the heart of Sophia Antipolis, coordinating and supporting the partnership of research laboratories in the Alpes Maritimes and Var with French and international institutions and private companies, and managing a team of 6 people (lawyers and scientists) to assess opportunities, negotiate and implement these partnerships. I actively support the development of innovative start-ups by preserving our know-how, in particular by filing patents..."


Sophie Deschaintres, consensus woman:

"Manager of partnerships at the CNRS, I am working: 

To reconcile private and general interests through active listening and understanding of the issues and risks for each party, to define a common vision to get all stakeholders to support despite divergent interests, I also make it possible to reconcile private interests."


Sophie Deschaintres, woman of conviction:

"I have long been involved in local associations as President of the Tennis Club Biotois 

I was also Delegate for New Information Technologies, Logistics and Modernisation of Services and Transport when I was Deputy Mayor (the Mayor was LR) between 2008 and 2014, but also Community Advisor at the Casa in the Transport Commission. 

Today, I have been Departmental Councillor of the Alpes Maritimes since 2015 for the canton Biot - Antibes Est, consult my mid-term report here ".


Sophie Deschaintres, woman of action:

"My achievements as Deputy Mayor of Biot:

Creation of the interactive site for managing registrations and payments for cultural and extracurricular activities GUPII,

Development of the Town Hall Annex of St Philippe accessible to all types of Handicap,

Rationalisation of the vehicle fleet and logistics expenses of the Town Hall,

Opening of the Biot Village - Saint Philippe bus line (unfortunately closed in 2017....)."

My achievements as a Departmental Councillor:

A €9.5 million grant specifically for the Canton, including for spatial planning, social assistance for the elderly and disabled, as well as work to repair the Eganaude college and repairs due to flooding,

Manager of innovative and participative projects,

Support for sports clubs: €100,000,

Enhancement of culture and heritage."


* Studies:

DEA in Pharmacology and Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Nice.

Master's degree in Physiology with a specialization in Reproductive Biology and Molecular, Cellular and Metabolic Endocrinology, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6.

Bachelor in Biochemistry, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6.

Bachelor in Natural Sciences, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris 6.

Training course in Intellectual Property Law, ORSAY, Paris 11.

Training to teach Intellectual Property, INPI.

Management training, Sophia Antipolis.


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